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A people for Him.
A house for Him.

Habitation Church is a church in the Orlando, FL area. We are a diverse Kingdom family seeking to consistently live under the loving rule of Jesus as King.

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Becoming a place where
God is uniquely present

At Habitation Church, we are pursuing a way of life together that creates a context conducive to God dwelling amongst the people He desires for Himself.

our 4-fold vision

As a Habitation, we are pursuing a full demonstration of the life of the Church. Our vision is not man-made, nor just made up of random autonomous pieces, but rather a beautiful whole, where the ingredients within are all inter-connected and inter-dependent. The life and the mission of the Church, demonstrated through a family style discipleship model, is what we are after— where God can be revealed in and to a people, and through that people reveal His heart and purposes to neighbors and nations. Our 4 Fold Vision represents the fulness of the life the Church is called to.

small group gathering


Church as family, not an event of sorts. A people purchased for God with the blood of Jesus. A Covenant people. Our desire is to be a diverse kingdom family living in covenant loyalty to Jesus and to one another.



The praying church. We want to embody the reality of house of prayer— ministering to the Lord day and night— as a way of life together, revealed by times in our prayer room, and a variety of other efforts via shared life.

small group worship gathering
man praying for another man


School of Ministry through internship and/or apprenticeship efforts. Intentionally instructing and imparting to others— people from within and others coming from near or far, for the purpose of planting and building.



God's international mission taking root in our city. Being witnesses and preaching the Gospel to our neighbors, and the nations. Fulfilling unique calls, assignments, and objectives the Lord reveals and gives grace for.

three young adults talking outside


Our way of life together reflects the description of the earliest believers found in Acts who were given over to a way of life together empowered by God’s presence and grace.

"He is knitting us together and creating for Himself a unique habitation by the power of His Spirit."
EPH 2:22

upcoming Gatherings

Gathering together centered on His presence and voice.


Transforming live restoring hope

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"Love from Heaven"

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Maria Legers
Exellent 4.7 out of 5
Tommy Lewis
Exellent 4.7 out of 5
"Love from Heaven"

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